“Pocket” Kitty Is Relieved To Have A Shoulder To Lean On

A volunteer in Carson City, California, picked up a little, single cat earlier this month. The kid was little and in desperate need of attention.

The kitten in need of a foster home has been briefed by animal rights campaigners Wrenn Rescues in Ventura County. “The young kid was incredibly little,” says Alyssa Smith, co-founder of the animal rights nonprofit. “He’s probably around four weeks old, but he’s about the size of a one-week-old.”

Erin and her 11-year-old son Chris offered to assist with the foster care. They didn’t know how small the kitten was until they held it in their hands.

“He was just 240 grams,” Erin says. “It was half the size it was meant to be, and the corners were a little rough.” We named him after a mouse since we felt he looked like one.”

The kitten was bathed, and he was fed every few hours by the hour.

Fluffy’s favorite spot and activity was climbing onto a human shoulder and purring loudly.

“He likes to perch on my shoulder and look around,” Erin explains.

“When he doesn’t doze off, doesn’t caress, and doesn’t eat, he sits on someone’s shoulder and feels like the master of the situation.”

Over the next few days, the baby began to gain weight.

He made up for his lack of size with his flamboyant personality, even though he was still quite small. He started running furiously as soon as he figured out how to use his four legs.

“All he wants to do is run over the shoulder next to him.”

The mouse gains weight and learns to play overtime. He perseveres in the face of adversity, despite his distaste for food.

“The quieter you are, the further you will travel!”

Erin and her son took turns feeding the kitten to keep up with his diet.

“What else do you need besides his purr and caress?” Erin says.

“We will all be delighted when he gains at least a pound of weight.”

Oreo, the cat of the overexposure owner, became involved in the case. Orphaned kittens are a favorite of this adorable black and white cat.

Erin adds, “He adores hanging out with our adopted kittens and seemed to enjoy looking after them.”

Despite his tough upbringing, the Mouse is a loving and purring creature.

“I hope he matures as he learns to play, stomp, frolic with toys, and purr,” Erin adds.

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