The deceased cat’s heartbeat was audible to the girl when she lifted him off the ground.

She found the cat, who currently lives with Marina Morskaya when she was just two years old. He owes her all he has.

One day at the station, the boy came upon the lifeless body of a kitten that seemed to be roughly seven days old. It might have been thrown there by an unscrupulous individual or dropped by a cat mother during transit.

Marina did not even know if the baby was still alive, but to the touch, he was not quite cold. She picked him up in her arms, brought him to her ear, and heard a quiet heartbeat.

So, it’s still alive! Marina raced to the veterinary, thinking she couldn’t afford to waste any time.

Malnutrition and an infectious illness were discovered in the kitten. Marina was determined to savе the cub, so she got a prescription for medication and was ready to feed it by the hour.

Then there were many sleepless nights while treatments for treating the kitten’s eyes and nose were carried out… The girl spoke to him while caring for him, vowing to keep him for good if he lived. The healing power of love began to work, and the baby began to recover! One of his eyes was gone, but that was it.

The kitten was given the name Pirate and was quickly adơрted by Marina. He now lives a free life with all the benefits of a cherished pet.

Well done to the girl for not passing by a helpless ill creature and caring for him.

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