In A Parking Lot, A Stray Kitten Follows A Stranger And Begs To Be Adopted

Jason Belisha of Georgia told a wonderful story about how he found a stray kitten in a parking lot. Because the adorable cat had won his heart, he decided to take him with him and help him in finding a new home.

Belisha says that when returning a rental car, a cute gray-colored cat appeared out of nowhere and cried for rеscuе. The cat jumреd into his arms, smelled his hand, and started rubbing his face all over him. He could tell the cat was begging for his affection and attention.

Jason said, “I was returning a rental car and heard this little guy meowing under the car next to me, so I crouched down and he walked straight up to me.” Belisha put the kitty down after giving him some hugs and strokes. The kitten, on the other hand, continued to scream and follow him about. He was totally focused on following the man back to his house. Belisha took him up and sat him in the car with him because of this.

The kitten curled up in Jason’s arms and fell asleep in his lap on the trip home. Jason described him as “naturally extremely nice and sweet.”

Jason took the kitten home, named him Popeye, fed him, and even showed him around his corgi dog. Surprisingly, the two creatures quickly became friends and established an endearing connection.

A friend fell in love with Popeye and provided him a happy home a week later. It was a bittersweet experience. Despite his affection for Popeye, he chose to leave the cat in the care of his friend. He is certain that he will be cherished and cared for in his new home, which he so well deserves. “He’s a fantastic cat, and I love going to see him at my friend’s house.”

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