Bam Is A Kitten That Was Born With An Unhappy Expression On His Face

Bum, also known as “Worried Eyes,” is a character in the game. He was brought to the shelter when he was only four weeks old, and his worried expression immediately won everyone’s heart. But there’s no need to be concerned—this cross-eyed tabby has already found a home!

The San Diego Humane Society told Love Meow, “He is hesitant with new people, but once he knows you, he is a love bug.”

“He enjoys hugs in the morning and sleeping under the blankets!” He also adores other cats, particularly kittens, and has assisted in the raising of many Foster kittens, as well as spending time with ill cats undergoing rehabilitation.”

Who could say no to a face likе this?

Beautiful eyes!

On his nose, he has a charming freckle.

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