Sister Kittens Are Never Separated After Being Rescued

Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a rescue organization in Montreal, Canada, that has been entrusted with assisting and rescuing homeless felines, received a call regarding a couple of little felines in need of assistance. The kittens seemed to be around seven weeks old, in terrible health, terrified, and unwilling to be separated from one another.

They were covered in fleas, and it appeared that they had not yet been weaned, so they huddled close together, consoling one another. Two of the rescue center’s volunteers were the ones that hastened in their search and brought them to the shelter.

Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal explained:

“There were three kittens at first, but one of them unfortunately died.” The litter’s parents were unable to care for the remaining two sisters.

The kittens named Zelda and Safira stayed together at every step they took, rubbed each other, and were alert to every movement not to separate, even though their temperaments seemed very similar.

The girls were treated for an eye infection and gastrointestinal issues before being put in foster care. Marie-Lyne and Pat, two shelter adoption volunteers, welcomed tiny Zelda and Safira, who immediately began exploring the area without being separated.


In the foster home they learned to eat solid food and gradually became pampered kittens, now they enjoyed games and sought to attract the attention of their humans with any mischief, but always together at every step.

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