Boy 14 Saves Cat Thrown Out Car Window Cat Is Now Clinging To Him And Won’t Let Go

Gavin Orlowski, a child from Michigan, heard his mother gasp in fear as they were walking across a bridge. A gray tiger cat had just been thrown out of the window of the vehicle in front of them. The vehicle drove off and disappeared into traffic before they could recognize it.

The terrified cat started to run about in between other vehicles as Gavin leapt out of the car, and soon the cat was hanging from the bridge. Before being struck, he was able to grab him and pull him back inside the car.

The frightened cat was so [traumatized] that he huddled in Gavin’s coat, refusing to leave his side. The boy and his mother decided to take him to “BluePearl Animal Hospital”.

Fortunately, the cat was otherwise and in good health. He quickly recovered. Gavin and his mother adopting the cat, they named him Lucky. This sweet kid shows that not all humans are monsters.

I’m very happy he got saved! You have Kitty’s undying love. His hero is you. You’ve located your forever home.

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