Cat Makes Amazing Transformation Becomiing A Full Time Cat Sitter After Getting A Second Chance at Life

Not all cats get the life they deserve, but some are truly blessed. The cat you can see in the pictures may look great now, but it was not an easy sight to behold a few months ago. Sinbad was found roaming the streets by the Good Karma Pet Rescue center. He was in bad shape – malnourished, fighting numerous skin conditions, and covered in sores and crust. To be honest, not everyone believed he would make it, but the cat fought every day.

With proper care and a lot of dedication from the team, it didn’t take long before Sinbad healed. His beautiful fur was restored, and he was doing much better after a few weeks. Besides getting his health back, Sinbad also started showing his great temperament. He loved petting with everyone in the center, and he wasn’t a high-maintenance cat. As long as they loved him and fed him, he was doing great.

During his time in foster cat, he emerged as a great companion to kittens in need. The staff says that he found his life calling, hanging out with smaller kittens all the time, talking to them with his squeaky voice. He’s so kind and caring that there’s no better fosterer than him.

He had it lucky, and decided to repay the people who saved him in the best way possible. We salute his resolve, and congratulate the Good Karma Pet Rescue for a job well done.

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