Since He Was Rescued From The Streets The Grateful kitty Has Hugged Every Human He S Meet And He Stole Everyone s Heart

McCheeks is a thankful kitten rescued from the streets by the Los Angeles-based Best Friends Animal Society. Today, this gorgeous ball of hair has the potential to have a better life because to the great personnel that work at the facility.

He hasn’t stopped hugging people who have helped him since he was rescued, expressing his thanks in the most compassionate way imaginable.

Diane Barber was the first person to get into contact with the cute cat, and she decided to name him McCheeks because of his fluffy and gorgeous cheeks.

Barber contacted one of his coworkers, Samantha Bell, an animal enthusiast who agreed to take in tiny McCheeks as a foster child. Samantha had this to say:

“She recognized my fondness for scruffy stray cats and came hunting for me right away.” He meowed beautifully and stroked the cage bars as I neared his kennel.

Her foster mother just had to meet her once to realize she was a really friendly kitty.

Samantha explained, “He wasn’t simply a lovely face; he was also tremendously loving.”

Samantha quickly identified the kitten as a loving person, and when she opened the kennel for her, she cuddled carefully near to her face.

McCheeks felt secure, but most importantly, he felt loved. This cute feline made sure to melt her new favorite person even more with her small purrs and charming embraces.

Despite having spent a lot of time on the streets, McCheeks was a very gentle and responsive kitten; when his rescuers came to pick him up, he submitted to their arms, he had a tranquil expression on his face, and his entire face radiated true delight.

He blinked slowly while receiving soft touches, clearly enjoying being the pampered one.

“It’s all about love!” He is self-assured, pleasant, calm, loving, and amusing, and he enjoys purring… Everything you could ask for in a cat. It melts in your arms and embraces you back as you take it up.”

This adorable cat has been adored since the beginning, and he expresses his gratitude by cuddling people who around him.

He craves attention and will do everything to be held in Samantha’s arms the majority of the time.

“He screams to be fed first if we’re feeding other cats.” It will meow until someone notices it if no one pays attention to it. “If you have a treat in your hand, he’s discovered it,” Samantha said.

McCheeks knows how to garner attention, and despite the fact that he can be a bit of a stretch at times, he always gets the affection he deserves. After all, this kitten only wants to provide loving licks and hugs.

“If there are two of us in the room with him, he’ll stroll back and forth to have our full attention. “It’s all about love!”

This fluffy ball of fur loves spending her days in her rescuer’s arms. Samantha stated that he is more than eager to spend the rest of his life in someone’s arms, despite the fact that he is only two years old. They’ve considered altering his name because he’s so affectionate.

“We should seriously think about renaming him McLovin because he has so much love to give.”

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