Rob Lowe posts emotional tribute to wife on 32nd wedding anniversary – ‘I am SO grateful’

If this isn’t adorable, then I don’t know what is!

Rob Lowe has expressed his eternal “gratitude” for being married to his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, as they celebrated their wedding anniversary with a heartwarming social media post.

Lowe, 59, wrote: “Today marks 32 years married to this beautiful, inspiring, nurturing, strong, industrious, sexy, and wonderfully unique woman.”

He continued, “I am SO grateful for the day she said she’d join me on our amazing life journey together. Happy Anniversary, Baby!!”

The couple – who wed on July 22, 1991 – have two sons, Matthew, 30, and John, 28.

During an episode of the iHeart podcast Table for Two, the actor candidly shared some of the secrets that have contributed to their successful three-decade marriage to host Bruce Bozzi.

Lowe emphasized the importance of choosing the right partner, saying: “It’s all about who you choose… Sheryl was and is my best friend. So if you marry for anything other than the fact that it’s your best friend, you’re at a disadvantage from the jump. ‘Cause that will sustain when the other stuff ebbs and flows.”

He also highlighted the significance of forgiveness in a lasting relationship, explaining: “People say marriage takes work. I’m not sure if it takes work… But what it does take is forgiveness. And being really cognizant of what hill you’re willing to die on.”

The St. Elmo’s Fire actor concluded by acknowledging that every relationship has its challenges, but emphasized the importance of sticking together during tough times. He said: “I think the minute things go south for whatever reason it could be… many many many reasons, I think people can go, ‘Oh, I knew it. This, this is bad. This is a mistake. That marriages don’t work.’ Everybody has those dark periods.”

Lowe added: “When they come, and they do, just like a career, everyone has periods where it’s not happenin’ like you would like it… Life is like that, it’s ebbs and flows… You just can’t bail on the ebbs. ‘Cause eventually it’ll turn around if you’re with the right person.”

Well, I certainly think a congratulations is in order for the happy couple!

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