Boy rejected before dance has dream come true when girl asks him to be her date

Words simply cannot express how I am feeling at this moment. As a mother, that is what your heart desires.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad made the decision to do all within their power to make this child’s prom the most unforgettable day of his life when they heard the heartwarming story about a boy with Down syndrome who was rejected by a lady he invited to be his date for the homecoming.

Daniel Rivas, 17, thought he would have to go to his prom alone when an amazing thing occurred.

Kyle Fronius made a suggestion for him to be her nighttime buddy. She is a beautiful girl with a pure heart who never considered Daniel to be disabled. She thinks that pupils like him are just regular people who learn in a different way, not any different from the other students. This girl is exceptional because of the way she sees the world.

Tonya, Daniel’s mother, wasn’t unmoved by the kind deed either. Incredible was what Kylie did for her son. Tonya was relieved that there was someone out there who saw no limitations in her son.

The Fox5 Surprise Squad could begin preparing the surprises for Daniel and Kylie once they had the full story. The teenagers will always remember what they did for them since it was so memorable. They deserved every gift they were about to get, that much was evident.

When Monika Jackson met the young teens, she explained how many people’s hearts had been affected by their story. A massive Rolls Royce that will transport the newlyweds to the dance in elegance was the first of several surprises.

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