Girl with fuzzy hair loves the fact that she is unique

Shilah Madison Calvert-Yin’s parents were ecstatic when she was born. This adorable young girl was the ideal addition to their family—they already had a son.

Her parents were both impressed and perplexed when her hair started to fall out and be replaced by a new, very different one after initially appearing to be just like any other youngster in the neighborhood.

According to Shilah’s mother Celeste, “She was picture perfect, blonde hair, blue eyes, so cliché.”

The girl’s parents first saw her hair growing straight rather than down when she was 3 months old. Of course, Shilah’s parents thought she was adorable and didn’t pay much attention until onlookers began ogling their daughter on the street and making remarks about her fluffy hair.

Celeste told Daily Mail, “I didn’t really think anything of it until people started making comments. It didn’t seem to calm down or settle.”

Shilah was suddenly surrounded by curious onlookers who all wanted to know what was wrong with her hair. Celeste and her husband found these remarks disturbing.

The worried mother told Love What Matters, “I’m sure they were simply being uneducated and nasty, but it was hurtful and sometimes pretty harsh.

Then there were the folks who followed us everywhere and would peep into her pram, gawk at her, and comment on her. A common remark was, “Looks like she stuck her finger in the power socket.”


They didn’t want their kid to face teasing because of her hair in any way. Shilah grew to appreciate her appearance as she matured. She often told her childcare friends that she was “magical and special” whenever they inquired about the origin of her hairstyle.

“She would say kind things like, “Just call me fuzzy. Sheila’s mother said, “Some days I appear like a lion with a crazy mane.

Sheila wishes she had hair like her pals when she was older. She once became so irate that she cut her own hair by herself.

“I was more upset than she was because she thought she was tired of having her hair stick straight up, but when she cut it short, the opposite happened and it got spikier. She’s only ever had that style of hairdo, Celeste added.

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