Zendaya’s bra-less photo against a desert backdrop garnered 10 milion likes in a day

Nowadays a new generation of actresses emerged in the 21st century and has dominated Holywood like never before. They are young and have already reached thousands of successes in their career which was not possible before.

The new generation gained fame not only by filming in various projects but also through their social media sites where they used to share their routine which was more interesting for their fans.

Zendaya is one of these fortunate and famous actresses who is just 26 years old. The actress became famous after her role in the “Spider-Man” films. Now she is dating British actor Tom Holland and recently they announced that they are going o get married.

However, thousands of people get interested in Zendaya’s life and the actress has millions of followers on her Instagram page. Recently her bra-less photo gained millions of likes and her look is truly impressive. The famous star was captured against a desert backdrop with a stunning appearance.

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