Salma Hayek shared fun photos with Penelope Cruz, showing off their “star friendship.”

They have a so-called ‘’star friendship’’.🧐🥰

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, two of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, have proven that true friendship can thrive in the competitive show business industry. Their career is a success with Hayek the first Mexican to receive an Oscar nomination and Cruz the first Spaniard to win. They are seen as icons of style and beauty, working with high-end brands and fashion houses.

Their friendship is as old as 2006 when they worked together in the movie ‘’Bandidas’’ and they have been close ever since. Recently, the two actresses were seen together, preparing for the Met Gala red carpet. They were also photographed together, with Hayek in pajamas and Cruz in a floral print blouse and high-waisted jeans.

Others admire their special bond, for whom sincerity and warm-heartedness are of higher importance. They both look amazing on Met Gala Show. Hayek was in a latex dress and Cruz was in a vintage wedding dress by Channel.

Their friendship has been an inspiration to many, and fans are just admirers of their genuine bond. As they continue to leave their mark in Hollywood and elsewhere, their friendship is a proof of sincere relationship in this unfair world.


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