Mom told to abort baby, she doesn’t listen – 2 years later, she mails doctor a letter

The bond a mother has with her child is like nothing else. When this young mother was told to make a decision about her pregnancy, she took no time to decide what she needed to do.

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Every mother wants to ensure that her pregnancy goes smoothly and that her baby remains safe. So when this young mother went to her doctor’s appointments during her pregnancy, she was given some news that did not make her feel differently about her fetus.

She was told that her fetus had Down syndrome, and doctors, of course, made a suggestion to abort the pregnancy. Instead of doing that, she carried the baby to full term and, years later, wrote to the doctor about what it was like being a mother to a child with Down syndrome.

Mothers always want the best for their children. Courtney Williams Baker is the mother to Emersyn, a little girl with Down syndrome. When she went in for her general pre-natal checkups, she was told by doctors that her child had Down syndrome. She and her husband were advised to terminate the pregnancy, but they refused to do so.

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