«What an unexpected turn for the fans!»: This is what Loren looked like before she underwent surgeries

Are you ready to see what Sophia Loren looked like before plastic surgeries? 😳🤭The archive photos of the iconic actress came as a big disappointment! 😦


Sophia Loren is one of the world’s most desirable and legendary film stars, also a style icon and a stunning woman who epitomized female beauty and attractiveness. Today, despite her senior age, she looks amazing and proves her timeless charm.

However, many claim that her appearance before plastic surgeries was totally different and left a lot to be desired. Some hold the opinion that she wasn’t as beautiful as people remember her. Here are rare archive photos of the cinema icon.

Judging by these shots, she underwent rhinoplasty and reshaped her lips also removing her double chin. Her old photos went viral and left people speechless. For some of her fans her appearance before surgeries came as a big surprise.

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