Single mom fosters 2 girls – learns they have 2 baby brothers and has a huge decision to make

I will always have incredible amounts of respect for those who opt to foster children. Through the compassion and caring in their hearts, they provide kids with a stable, loving environment while they wait to find their forever homes.

Of course, all children deserve nothing short of the best. In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be a single little boy or little girl growing up without a family, or the love and security that families offer.

Sadly, we don’t live in the real world, and there are far too many children who spend the majority of their childhood in shelters or foster homes, desperately waiting for the right family to come along and adopt them.

Former teacher Melissa Servetz knows this all too well. As per reports, she’s worked in social services for the past five years, and opened her home to no less than 56 children who needed fostering.

That in and of itself is a beautiful gesture, and one that sets her apart from the crowd for obvious reasons.

“I was single and I was just [like], ‘Why not? Let’s do it. Let’s try to help kids who really don’t have a safe place to call home,’” Melissa told Good Morning America in 2022.

“So I originally started volunteering at one of the children’s homes and that led to me inquiring about adopting and actually fostering first.”

Having fostered an incredible 56 children – mostly toddlers and babies under the age of five – Melissa eventually made an even bigger commitment. According to reports, she first met her daughter, Jade, seven years ago.

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