I Accidentally Saw ‘Hi Love’ Message on My Mom’s Laptop and It Wasn’t from My Dad

A 17-year-old daughter discovered her mother’s infidelity, and with the father of her friend, no less. She couldn’t stomach the cheating and eventually told her dad, knowing it could break their family apart.

When a teenager’s tablet broke, she borrowed her mom’s device to complete school work. As she was conducting her research, a message notification appeared on the tablet, reading “Hi, love.”

The teen, who later posted her dilemma on Reddit, thought it was her father and opened the notification, but to her surprise, it was from another man. Taken aback but still curious, she scrolled through the message thread, which dated back to a year ago. It also had pictures and videos which made her sick to the stomach.

Learning of her mom’s infidelity broke the girl’s heart, especially because she knew her father was a great man. He would plan dates, help with household chores, and treat his wife well. To make matters worse, the man her mom was having an affair with was the Original Poster (OP)’s friend.

Fortunately, the girl’s dad was out of town that day, giving her time to think about what she would do. After copying the messages, photos, and videos, she called her 24-year-old brother for advice. Although shocked, he remained calm and went to see his sister.

How the Father Found Out His Wife Was Cheating On Him
The brother had a similar reaction and couldn’t look at all the evidence. When their father arrived, they immediately showed him. The girl narrated:

“He started reading everything, and after about [five] minutes, he started to feel sick and vomited […]. I asked him if he knew this or if they had some kind of agreement, and he said no.”

The daughter asked if she should inform her friend’s mom, but instead, her father called the friend’s mom to their home. Although the friend’s mom had her suspicions about her husband cheating, she still cried. She was also surprised to know who her husband was having an affair with.

When the friend’s mom returned home, she went through her husband’s belongings and confirmed the affair. However, she found out that he was also having a relationship with another woman.

How the Mom Reacted When Her Husband Confronted Her
Soon, the OP’s mother arrived and was confronted with the truth. She denied everything but eventually told the truth and cried. She claimed that she had no intention of hurting anyone and that her husband was the only man for her. She also said the affair meant nothing to her.

She begged for her husband to save their relationship and that she would do anything to prove herself. However, it wasn’t a problem that could be easily solved. The man packed his things and left with his daughter and son, who both volunteered to go with him.

They went to the teen’s uncle’s home, where the father cried all night. The following day, the mother called her daughter to talk. Although the teen didn’t want to, her brother insisted she go.

Did the Husband Forgive the Wife?
The mother tried to explain herself and ask for forgiveness, but her daughter couldn’t find it in her heart to give it. The daughter admitted that she told her father of the affair and then asked her mom not to show up on her birthday and graduation.

Although the father did not say anything, the chances of reconciliation were slim as he already talked to his lawyer about divorce.

The teen received many comments about her story with a diverse reaction from the Reddit community. While some applauded the girl for telling her father, others had a negative response to the story.

One Reddit user reassured the girl she did not do anything wrong. “You didn’t destroy anything; they did when they decided to have an affair with each other. [They] did all the work of ruining two families, and [you’re] just the kid,” the person said.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think the teen was right to tell the dad about the mom’s affair, or should it have been kept a secret?

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