A woman had shared on Reddit that her partner had mocked her leg hairs on a pool party, and then she had responded, mocking his bald patch on his head. She is now asking advice about her situaton from the Redditors.
She had stated that she is a pale woman, who has dark body hair. “Back story, I (23f) am a naturally fair skinned girl. I’m also cursed with pretty dark body hairs which makes upkeep a complete pain. I shave my legs and two days later I have dark prickles of hair that I can’t shave again for 1.5 weeks or so without causing some pretty painful razer burn. It is something that has bothered me for a long time, as it takes away alot of my freedom in the warmer seasons and I have to pick and choose what events I can show my legs at.”

She is living on the Southern Hemisphere, so with her partner, she was invited to a new year’s pool party. But since, she was emberassed about her leg hairs, she skipped the swimming, and that is where the problem started. “After the lunch I was laying out with a few of the other ladies, while our partners were all mucking about in the pool doing cannon-balls. My friends partner, (25m) asked why I wasn’t swimming, and I let him know I just wasn’t feeling like it that day and I’d rather lay in the shade. At this point my partner got back out of the pool, and I assumed he was going to jump back in like usual.”

Then, her partner had mocked her as he grabbed and pulled her dress up, saying a mean joke related to her body hair. “Instead, he came over to me, lifted up the bottom of my dress revealing my legs and exclaimed “She isn’t swimming today cause she is as hairy as a fucking bear!” I grabbed my dress and pulled it back down quite embarrassed, and shot him a very angry look. There was a few chuckles but mostly awkward silence. I was MORTIFIED. He knows how self conscious I am about this.”
Then she responded as she mocked his bald patch, which made him mad and left. “In my anger I then bit back and said “Maybe we can transplant some of my leg hair to that nice bald patch you’ve been brewing?!” This was also met with a few chuckles followed by even more awkward silence. My partner then stormed off from the pool and went inside to get dry. He got changed into his dry clothes and came out and said that we’re leaving. I felt really bad, especially for the hosts so I apologised to them and said they could keep my salad bowls I had bought over.”

She then concluded her story, and wanted for advice from Redditors. “My partner and I have never spoken about his hair-loss before. When I said this I did know that it likely bothered him being that I found photos on his phone of him taking pictures of the top of his head (where the hair loss has started) I just felt it was hypocritical that he could create that whole situation, and my insecurity wasn’t off limits but his is? I know I didn’t handle myself the best here.”
Here are some of the comments from Redditors.
“NTA. Why are you dating someone who intentionally publicly humiliates you?”
“If he keeps acting pissy and “hurt” about the bald spot comment, let him know that’s EXACTLY how he made you feel when he lifted up your dress and showed your hairy legs to EVERYONE. Not only that, but how he knows you’re so self conscious about it and still did it, and then had the absolute audacity to get pissed off at YOU when all you did was a more minor version of the insult he did to you. Remind him that his lack of hair makes him feel the same way you feel about your excess hair, it is a part of your body that you have little control over but wish you did, and it makes you very self conscious.”

“NTA. Your partner lost all expectation of courtesy when he pulled that stunt. Does he do that sort of thing often? At the least this warrants a serious chat.”
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