A man that had shared his story on Reddit, stated that he had worked on two different jobs, got shocked with the news that he found out that his girlfriend of 10 years was a millionaire.

He had started his story as, “She was a new girl that moved to the town a few months before we met. I first met her when we were in highschool. We became friends by chance after one of my friends told me about a rumor that her mother had died. We basically hit it off and became great friends and started dating a year later.”
He had stated that she had no signs that she was a millionaire. “During this time I never observed anything out of the ordinary that would indicate that she had a lot of wealth. She lived with her “aunt”, who I have never met, in a one story house. She never wore/wears any fancy clothes jewelry. She also doesn’t spend of a lot of money in that way.”
When her girlfriend lost her job, he started to work on two different jobs. “We are both in our mid 20s now and for the last 10 years we’ve lived a pretty much normal life. We currently live together in a decent apartment complex. Ever since the coronavirus became bad in the US, things started to go a bit downhill financially wise for us. My girlfriend lost her job around the beginning of May. This lead to me needing to pick up another job to keep us up to date with rent, electric, etc.”

His girlfriend had left to see her aunt in a hurry, and left her laptop with her boyfriend. “My girlfriend sometimes goes on trips to see her “aunt” back home in the state we went to highschool in, which can be 2 – 3 days of her being away. She left on one of these trips yesterday and was in a rush to leave, which isn’t usual. After she left I was things away and fixing stuff up when I found her laptop on her desk slightly open. I’m normally not a curious person or someone who goes into others information, but for some reason I felt the need to take a peak before closing her laptop.”
He saw a letter from a lawyer on her laptop, that she was incredibly rich. “What I came to find was an email from a lawyer talking about her family’s business and her percentage of some share or something. This sparked interest in me because I basically knew nothing about her family since she never talked about them, let alone them owning business. I went through her gmail and found emails from her dad which told made me understand somewhat. Her dad owns a couple dozens of clothing stores in New York. Apparently her dad has been sending money into an account her for the last 6 years for every holiday there is.”

He concluded his post and asked for advice as, “I don’t know what to really think about all of this. I work long ass hours (12 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends) and she has just been sitting on millions for years. Should I confront her about this or should I act like I didn’t find anything?”
Here are some comments and advices from the Redditors.
“Does anyone else find it odd that they’ve been together for 10 years, since they were 15/16ish and op had no idea about her family?”
“This is such lazy writing as well. So you’ve been dating for TEN YEARS, living together, and you’ve never seen anybody in her family, you don’t even know what her father does for a living?? Riiiiight. I remember in HS I knew what all my friends’ parents were doing, what was their job.”
“Girlfriend didn’t live with her parents though. She lived with a close family friend and it sounds like her relationship with her father is estranged”
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