FANS worried for Cher, 77, after the singer seemingly unable to walk following the Thanksgiving Day Parade

After Cher’s performance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, concerns arose among fans regarding the 77-year-old singer’s well-being. Her rendition of “DJ Play a Christmas Song” showcased her joyous tunes rather than focusing solely on traditional Christmas melodies. Observers noticed Cher appeared to struggle while walking as she left her hotel later that day.

Elder Ordonez, an entertainment photographer, posted a video on Instagram capturing Cher being assisted by a bodyguard into a waiting car. She was clad entirely in black attire, complemented by matching boots.

Many devoted Cher fans commended her resilience, shedding light on the challenges that accompany aging, while others criticized her. Some comments speculated about her choice of footwear, while others doubted her mobility due to her age.

Cher has been vocal about her journey through aging, expressing surprise at nearing 80 but remaining determined to preserve her unique style. She credits her youthful appearance to her robust genetics.

Cher’s unwavering determination and timeless elegance serve as inspiration for fans of all generations, despite facing scrutiny and criticism online.

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