76 year old Man Has Collected Scrap Metal To Feed Stray Cats Every Single Day For 22 years

Streets are filled with stray animals, and unfortunately people don’t consider that they are their responsibility to take care of,  but for one kind man that was not the case and he has spent 22 years taking care of stray cats.

The old 76 year old man always made sure that cats have plenty of water and food, the times when he was in tough money situations he would collect scrap metal just so he would have enough money for his favourite animals.

After the story got shared for the first time, a page of GoFundMe was set so people can help the old man in buying the cat’s food and continue saving their lives. This job he says is “hard, but makes me very happy.”

A cat lover from Hartford, Connecticut, Willie Ortez has a heart of gold. He buys food for the cats and also buys medicine and spay and neuter cats so the population of stray cats decreased.

The mission of this kind man came after he witnessed a starving  cat begging for food and then got dismissed.

“People were pushing it away, and I could see it needed help,” Willie recalled. “I know these cats can’t understand my accent, but I need to do something.”

Even in this old age the old man goes daily to sell scrap metal to afford the cat food, and in the evening he goes out again to check on the felines, feeding them a delicious diet of cat biscuits and sardines.

This man’s efforts were noticed by a woman called Kathleen Schlentz and she decided to help him by creating a GoFundMe page, they managed to raise 295.000$ and the page is still going.

“Presently he feeds 16 colonies of stray and feral cats, a total of 68 cats, every night, 365 days a year and has never missed a night in 22 years. He makes sure they get what they need to have as good a life as possible.”

The man has gone out to take care of these animals during all kinds of weather, snow, rain storm a lot of people asked him why he is doing what he does and Willie has an answer to them.

He said, “People ask me why I feed them every day, or tell me I feed them too much.” His response, “You eat every day, no?’ You get three meals; they eat once every 24 hours.”


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