His Scrooge Like Persona Quickly Backfires On Him As Somehow He Still Spreads Christmas Cheer

She was out and about in the last place she wanted to be, while he had settled down glaring at the world through sour puss eyes with no intention of cheering anyone up!

However, this intention to look less than pleased with life quickly backfired on him!

While taking an early morning work last Sunday, New York City photographer, Brooke Goldman, wanted to be somewhere else. The place she really wanted to be was back in bed, nicely tucked in, and sound asleep. Instead, she had volunteered to support her boyfriend who had travel plans, offering to walk him to his train.

“I was pretty out of it,” Goldman said. “I was trying to get home as fast as possible to go back to sleep and wasn’t ready for the day at all.”

Half asleep, dreaming of her bed, her eyes were drawn towards an unexpected scene!

There, sitting in a basket, curled up with a less than impressed look on his face was a cat in a nativity display.

Despite the loving looks from Mary and Joseph, the cat was completely unaware, or, for that matter, completely unconcerned about his important location within the nativity scene. In fact, it could be said he looked more than a little grumpy. Brooke meanwhile found the whole scene hilarious.

“I was laughing my ass off,” she said.

Completely unaware of his impact, one grumpy cat had unwittingly made a very tired New Yorkers’ day.

“I suppose it’s safe to say that when I was making my way home, he made me happy. Without a doubt, it was uplifting “She spoke. “Having so much fun that early in the day makes the day much happier overall.”

Thankfully, Brooke had the foresight to take some pics and spread the Christmas cheer to everyone, even if it was via a scrooge-like cat.

“A good animal picture can heal anything,” she said.

After Falling From A Ravine, He Was Found With His Eyes Squeezed Shut, Curled Into A Tight Little Ball With One Forlorn White Paw Sticking Out!

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