Students in Hig School Hear Tiny Screams Coming From A Parking Lot Hole

Students and faculty at Port Jefferson High School in New York heard something weird when they were going through the school’s parking lot early in the previous month. Tiny screams seemed to be coming from underneath their feet, just over the din of the schoolyard.

They knew right away that a little animal had to be impaled in a sewer drain. When the firemen arrived to open the drains, they discovered nothing. Fortunately, someone called Frankie John Floridia, a local animal rescuer, who arrived quickly with Eddie Stepinski.

After placing traps and cameras in the sewer drain, Floridia and Stepinski quickly discovered her—a little black cat hidden deep beneath the asphalt.

Floridia feared the situation was potentially dire — if any rain caused the sewer water levels to rise, it would be very bad news for the cat.

“We knew we had to act fast,” Floridia told The Dodo.

The group waited as they reset their traps. Shea, Floridia’s daughter, kept a watchful ear out for the cat’s sobs. Soon after, they heard a remarkable sound: one of the traps had closed. The kitten was safely above ground in a matter of minutes.

The kitten was taken to the clinic by Floridia, where she received the appropriate attention and had her condition evaluated. After the mascot of Port Jefferson High School, he gave her the name Royal.

Royal is residing with Floridia until she is able to locate her forever family. Royal is overjoyed to have someone watching out for her and has already adapted nicely to life above ground.

As soon as she notices me, she begins purring, according to Floridia. She requests to be held and played with by me.

Though Royal’s story began in a dark place, thanks to the help of so many dedicated animal lovers, she’ll never have to feel trapped or alone again

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