Thankful Cat Hugged Every Human He Met After He Was Rescued From The Streets

This is the story of the cat named McCheeks who was rescued by Los Angeles-based Best Friends Animal Society. At that moment, McCheeks started to hug all the people who have helped him to get out of the street and have a new life, maybe that is his way to say how thankful he is.

The woman named Diane Barber is the first person to get in contact with this cat, and she is also the one who named him McCheeks because of his fluffy and adorable cheeks. She called her co-workers named Samantha Bell who is an animal enthusiast and it agreed to take McCheeks as a foster child.

After that, Diane decided that his foster mom needs to meet McCheeks to know how sweet and friendly he is.
“He was not simply a lovely face; he was also tremendously loving” Samantha said after meeting McCheeks.
The new foster mom quickly notices the cat as a loving one, and every time Samantha opened the kennel for him, he will cuddle carefully near her mom’s face.

The sweet feline felt secure by the love of his foster mom, and he will made sure to melt her new favorite person even more by giving her small purrs and charming hugs.
According to Samantha, McCheeks was a very gentle and responsive cat, he had a tranquil expression on his face and his entire face shines true color. He will blink slowly while receiving soft touches.
McCheeks has been adored since the beginning and he was so thankful to every people who helped and loved him. He only wants to have his human’s attention, and he always have it!

He screams to be fed first if we’re feeding other cats, and if you had a treat in your hand, he will quickly discover it. If there were two of us in the room with him, he’ll stroll back and forth to have our full attention” Samantha said
McCheeks loves spending his days in his foster mom’s arm. He was so happy while receiving lots of love and affection and he really deserves it! Samantha said that they will seriously think to rename him McLovin because they receive lots of love from him and we think, lots of people will agree to it!

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