Cat Gets Her 8 Kittens Inside A Home after Spending Her Whole Life Outside

Before coming to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, a tortoiseshell cat by the name of Celeste gave birth to several litters on the streets. She was once more coated in fleas and in the midst of destruction when they discovered her.

Celeste came to me having spent her entire life living on the streets. According to foster volunteer Angela, she spent the most of her time caring for cats, which was bad for her health. She arrived at our shelter with three-month-old kittens and was already carrying the following litter.

The kitten gave birth to a sizable litter a few days later. Celeste formally put a stop to living on the streets when Angela brought them home as foster children.

At first, only after arriving at her temporary home, Celeste was a little shy, because everything around was new to her.

But good food, a warm nest, and that pleasant feeling of scratching your forehead made Celeste look favorably on her people. She even rubbed her muzzle against her foster mother, asking for affection.

For the first time in her life, she raised kittens inside a comfortable home, away from all dangers.

Day or night, the kids kept Celeste busy, so Angela stopped over to see whether she had eaten and what else she could do to make Celeste’s life easier.

“Having eight children is a challenging job. According to Angela, she was a beautiful, kind mother to her kids.

Celeste’s kittens were always clean and combed from head to toe. She lay on her side for as long as it took for each of her cubs to eat their fill.

Kittens grew by leaps and bounds. Becoming more playful and adventurous as they mature, they spent more and more time away from the nest.

Celeste looked after them at every step, and ran as soon as she heard crying. She affectionately licked their muzzles and satisfied all their needs.

“Now that her kittens are more independent, Celeste is finally able to relax a bit and remember that she is a cat. She loved to bask and lie in the sun, greet me quietly every morning and reach out to meet my caresses,” says Angela.

Mother Celeste was ready to retire when the kittens were 10 weeks old and 900 g in weight. She was smiling with pride.

She deserved to have her own household where she would be the focus of attention because she was the finest mother to her kittens.

“She is the ideal pet to unwind and rest with. She cuddles with you, sleeps next to you, and discreetly follows you around the home like a tiny shadow. She also brushes against your arms and legs when she wants to be stroked, according to Angela.

Three months after leaving the street, Celeste’s biggest goal came true: she moved into her own home.

“Celeste’s adopters are wonderful and empathetic people. She also now has a little sister, a cat named Marge.”

Seven out of eight kittens survived, grew up healthy and inquisitive, and also fell into good hands. “All of them have nice owners, with such kittens they will be very happy and loved!”

No more getting pregnant and wandering the streets in search of food and lodging for the night – Celeste lives a free life, which she always wanted.

Credit: Fb/Jolia.d

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