Every Morning A Cat Enters A Stranger’s Home To “Fix” Her Hair

Grey Cat seems glad to live a solitary existence outside. Before someone new arrived into the neighborhood, she didn’t rely on anyone for anything. The stray then made the decision to integrate herself into the family and spend as much time as she can grooming people, as if to express her gratitude.

“I say she is not my cat, but she has clearly chosen me as her person,” Jessica Heidelberg, Grey Cat’s new mom, told The Dodo. “She is very sweet and cuddly but does not like staying inside all the time, so I give her the freedom to choose.”

The former stray no longer visits the neighbors’ houses — and for a very specific reason.

“She clearly prefers to eat my hair,” Heidelberg said. “She also likes to lay, stand or nap on my chest. Sometimes she gently bites my face in affection. But she loves to ‘fix’ my hair any time I sit in my favorite chair.”

Cats groom for a variety of reasons, such as instincts they learned as kittens, to relieve stress or to “share” the family’s scent.

When Heidelberg arrived to the region a year ago, the nearly daily grooming started.

Heidelberg remarked, “She just basically came up, extremely hungry and quite pleasant.” She used to bully my three spoilt cats and keep their food dish from them, so I used to feed her outdoors.

Heidelberg hadn’t thought much of it until her 6-year-old daughter regularly snuck the cat inside. The clever kitty became comfortable with the family, making it her home, too.

“Grey Cat dashes through any open door, immediately runs to hork down some food and then acts like she owns the house,” Heidelberg said.

Grey Cat isn’t satisfied to be entirely inside or outside because she used to live outside. Heidelberg therefore reached a consensus.

She explained, “I allow her in when it starts to rain or become chilly, or just whenever she decides she wants a free supper.” “I let her out whenever she wants or when she’s had enough. She may take naps, practice hair styling, or simply play with the mouse toys that my cats like so much.

Now that Grey Cat has a new family, she enjoys the best of both worlds.

So that I wouldn’t become attached, we just started calling her Grey Cat, she said. “However, Grey Cat had other ideas. Now, this is her house.

Credit:  Joanmorena

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