A Man Puts A Hidden Camera To Monitor His Cat’s Activities While He Sleeps

Achi has always been a very devoted cat that enjoys nothing more than curling up with his adoring owner, Thailand’s Lomphonten Lomphontan.

But Lomphonten recently discovered that his most spectacular snuggling sessions with his fuzzy cat have been taking place while he’s out in the cold.

Lomphonten installed a hidden camera in his home a while back to keep an eye on Achi while he was at work. The most fascinating film was captured when Lomphonten turned the camera toward his bed at night, displaying what his cat was up to as he slept.

It turns out that Achi has made himself quite at home.

When Lomphonten watched the film again, he saw that once he’s slept off, Achi leaps into action, seizing the chance to not just snuggle by his side but to enjoy himself even more.

Night after night, Achi is seen climbing atop Lomphonten’s chest, confirming with a paw that he’s indeed asleep.

Then he plops his body directly on Lomphonten’s face.

Essentially, Achi has been choking his owner out on a nightly basis – with love, of course.

Lomphonten might not ordinarily allow for this kind of in-your-face cuddling, but he was completely ignorant of Achi’s nighttime practice until he saw the video.

All of a sudden, those suffocation dreams made sense.

“I sat and watched [the footage] one night,” Lomphonten told “It was very funny.”

Despite being found out, Achi is hardly apologetic. But that’s more than all right, in his owner’s opinion.

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