Pixel Is A Really Fluffy Cat

Pixel, a four-year-old Maine Coon, has an incredible coat. Pixel first appeared to her owners as a kitten, yet she was already larger than most adult cats.

Her locks are so long that they appear to have no end! Her owners frequently comb her in order for her to have a good look.

Pixel is no longer small enough to fit on his folks’ laps as an adult cat. When she sits at the piano as she usually does, all of the keys vanish behind the thick fur coat.

Pixel was much bigger as a kitten than a typical adult cat.

A lot of fur is left behind by the home pixel. There’s a lot of it, according to her owners, but it’s worth it.

Pixel and her magnificent tresses

The laptop next to her seems too small!

Cat’s favorite things are toys and a comb.

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