On His Break A Stray Cat Comforts A Tiired Nurse

Ahmed Flaty found it challenging to train as a nurse during the COVID-19 epidemic. Not only is the timetable demanding, but the hospital where he is completing his internship in Egypt is busier than ever.

Flaty walks outdoors to grab the sun and rest when he gets one of his occasional breaks. Flaty was recently sitting near the hospital when he was approached by a stray cat. It was almost as if she sensed his distress and decided to assist.

Flaty told The Dodo, “I was sitting down to talk with a buddy of mine in front of the hospital where we have our internship year and this tiny kitty went up to me as I was conversing with him.” “[She] didn’t meow or anything; she simply looked at me, crawled into my lap, stared at me for a few moments, and then fell asleep.”

Flaty couldn’t believe the courageous creature had dared to approach him. Perhaps she, too, was in need of some solace. Flaty stated, “Stray animals in Egypt are often handled quite brutally.” “So a kitten or a dog approaching a human in this manner is really strange, especially when there isn’t any food involved.”

For around 15 to 20 minutes, the nurse in training remained still as the cat hugged him and napped on his lap. When the tiny stray had completed her task, she stood up and wandered away.

Flaty instantly felt better and prepared to return to the hospital to face whatever was ahead. “I’d been working 12-hour shifts for the last 20 days straight, but that cat made it all seem like nothing,” Flaty said.

Flaty would want to acquire a dog or cat, but his hectic schedule prevents him from giving an animal the care it deserves. He hasn’t seen the tiny stray in the days since their cuddling session, but he keeps an eye out for her whenever he goes outdoors for a break.

Flaty stated, “Honestly, that was the finest moment of the entire year thus far.”

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