Stray Cat Comes Up to People Asking for Attentiion, Now He’s a ‘Giant Bear’ Obsessed wiith Face Rubs

A stray cat came up to people asking for attention. Now, he’s a “giant bear” obsessed with face rubs.

A few months ago, Kuwait Animal Aid was notified about a friendly stray cat who was seen walking up to people for attention and food.

“According to the person who found him, this cat had spent many months outside,” the rescue shared with Love Meow. “He might look a bit grumpy with his teeth, but he is a huge ball of love.”

The disheveled cat came right up to rescuers and was eager for some pets. He was just skin and bones, covered in dirt, and missing patches of fur.

He was found wandering the streetsKuwait Animal Aid

It was clear that he had some skin condition and needed immediate medical attention.

With the help of volunteers, the sweet cat was brought to safety that day, and was treated to a much-needed spa day where he was cleaned from head to tail.

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