A Man Spent Twon Days Rescuing A Kitten Before Being Reunited With Eight Other Kittens

Nikki Martinez, an animal rights advocate and adoptee from Las Vegas, was neutering stray cats when she came across a woman who required assistance.

“She revealed that she had eight home kittens and at least 10 street cats resting around her neck. According to Nikki, she was unable to assist them in a medical capacity.

In order for the cats and kittens to receive the required care, shots, be spayed or sterilized, and find decent homes, the woman agreed to give up all of the cats and kittens. Nikki and her husband first believed that there were just eight kittens in need of help.

“While I was there picking up 8 kittens, I heard a tiny meow from a large pile of trash under her garage shed. But I wasn’t able to get in there,” says Nikki.

Nikki’s husband tried to very carefully dig through the trash, but the kitten was hidden inside and completely out of reach. They took eight kittens home and returned the next day for the ninth.

“My husband crawled about three meters of garbage on his stomach. Among the rubbish, he found the bodies of three dead cats, and in the same place, along with these bodies, this crumb lived. We heard her crying, but we couldn’t get her out.”

As soon as the man saw what a difficult situation the baby was in, he was even more determined to take her out of there.

After about two hours, they were finally able to safely remove the kitten from her terrible habitat.

“She lived in very dangerous conditions, and I am happy that we were able to get her out of this darkness,” says Nikki.

She was discovered to be the ninth kitten, and I took her home, cleaned her, treated her for parasites, and placed her with the other kittens who had been moved to the same location.

These children were living in extremely unhygienic circumstances three days ago. The majority of them had muck in their eyes, making it impossible for them to see. They engaged in their first play with toys yesterday.

The ninth kitten, a tabby female now known as Jolie, adores cuddling with Pippi.

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