Little Ginger Kitten Stranded On A Roof Is Crying Out For Help

When they learn that a cat or kitten is in difficulty, cat lovers can’t help but step in to help.

If a cat or kitten is ever in need, we’re all ready to help out by taking in a stray, leaving food for a wild cat, or doing any other action we can.

The ginger cat in question in this tale looked to be stuck with no one to look after them and no way out.

Luckily for him there were some cat-loving folks who stepped up to help out.

But it wasn’t easy because before they could help this darling ginger kitten they had some detective work to do.

This story is guaranteed to bring a little lift to your kitty loving heart!

One day, a woman spotted a ginger kitten on the roof of the opposite apartment building.

She had no idea how the kitten had got up there as there didn’t seem to be any way of getting off the roof.

The little kitty was observed sobbing as he peered over the edge and appeared to want to descend.

When the kitten wasn’t gone after a few days and continued to scream, the woman packed a plastic glove with food and water and flung it onto the roof.

After more investigating they fitted some cameras around the area for observation, threw over some food for him and waited to see where the kitten went.

The small ginger cat was residing on the top floor and had no access to a lower level due to a locked door, so they asked the building’s resident if they could go take a look.

They waited for the kitten to come back after setting out a trap cage with some food inside.

cat on the roof 1
The camera they had left allowed them to observe that the kitten had finally entered the cage and been captured.

Everyone involved felt relieved.

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