Foster Cats Are So Attached The Hold Each Other’s Paws

Millions of homeless cats in U.S. shelters already struggle to get the loving homes they deserve, so it may be particularly challenging when there are two inseparable homeless cats.

However, two cats in a foster home in Florida have made it quite apparent that they will not part ways.

They even hold each other’s paws.

Rosa, the sleek black kitten, and Lily, the Siamese mix, appeared to be a match made in heaven from the start.

“Rosa came to me … seriously underweight and sad,” Andrea Christian, a foster for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, told The Dodo.

A few days later, Christian received a call to collect another really ill kitten that had spent a week or more in the intensive care unit. Lily had been discovered in Tampa on the side of the road; she resembled a skeleton.

Christian, an experienced foster for abandoned cats, started the difficult task of making the new inhabitants feel secure and at home.

Christian made the decision to introduce Lily to Rosa once she had finished her antibiotic prescription.

“It was love at first sniff!” Christian said.

For Lily, who was still pretty weak and finding it difficult to move, the small black cat was a great sign of fortune. Christian stated that the woman had toxoplasmosis.

The two had been inseparable for the past few weeks. The other follows the first one as they begin to investigate their foster home. One takes a nap as the other follows suit. One sometimes usurps the meal when the other goes for the same food bowl when one goes for it.

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