Lost Kitten Is Found By Kind Cat Who Welcomes Her Into His Loving Home

Three adorable cats named Nelly, Gilbert, and Nala reside with their owners in Copenhagen, the nation’s capital and most populated city. Despite not being related by blood, they see themselves as family members despite not sharing the same mother. They truly care for one another.

At first, the family cat just had two members: Gilbert and his sister Nelly. After that, they welcomed Nala into their loving home. It all started one day when Gilbert was out walking with his dad. When he was happily next to his dad, he found a little lost kitten in the bushes.

They waited but the kitten’s mom didn’t show up, so they took her home. Gilbert and his dad decided to name the sweet little kitten Nala. Gilbert is the best big brother, so he does everything he can to make Nala feel safe and comfortable at her new home.

But the new kitten didn’t appeal to older sister Nelly. Nelly was a hardy cat that hated making friends. Nala was persistent since all she wanted was to be friends with Nelly. Then it eventually occurred one day. Nelly grew fond of Nala.

Nelly used to hate Nala, but now they totally love each other. The three cats do everything together. They are so happy and grateful to find each other, be a family, and become best animal friends.

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