One year after being adopted, the saddest stray sat looks sompletely different- Watch the video to know his story

Meet Mister Bruce Willis, the saddest stray cat who, after being adopted, has entirely converted into a happy cat.

He was rescued by the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota when he was six years old. He was taken care of by the animal shelter, which also assisted him in finding a nice home. They posted Bruce’s tale on social media in the hopes of finding him a permanent home.

Thankfully, Bruce was adopted after a month by Sandra, a cat lover who fell in love with him after viewing his heartfelt message. She knew she couldn’t resist this sorrowful cat at that moment.

“I first spotted Mister Willis in a post from the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota in August of last year. His eyes had a certain quality to them that drew me in. He had a gloomy expression on his face. I knew I couldn’t do anything because my lease prohibited pets and I had no intention of obtaining a cat.

Nonetheless, I felt compelled to pay him a visit. In reality, he appeared even sadder, and I had to leave after only a few minutes because it was so upsetting. I kept returning to see him for some reason. He is FIV positive, which isn’t a major concern, but he contracted an upper respiratory illness while at an animal shelter with a number of other animals.

For a while, he was really sick. “I had hoped that he would be adopted, but he was still there week after week,” Sandra explained.

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