Starving Cat Appears in Man’s Backyard Asking for Help

One day when a man got home from work, he spotted a cat in his backyard.
The cat was very malnourished and his fur was extremely matted, so this kind man decided to do whatever he could to help him.

First he put out some much needed food and water for this poor kitty then decided to try and give him a bath. Once clean it would be easier to see if there was anything serious going on.

Bathing him wasn’t an easy task, like most cats really, but at least the kitty was a little cleaner and although he didn’t like the water he seemed to like the attention.

Sadly, he couldn’t allow the cat to come into the house because there were other kitties inside but this kind man set up food, water and a bed in the utility room so that kitty wouldn’t be left outside alone.

The next morning they took him to see the emergency vet and thankfully he didn’t have any major problems or sickness. He was fitted with a collar to stop him scratching his sores and then it was time to take him home.

The other cats in the house were very cautious of him but after a few days they became more curious of this new arrival – things were starting to settle down which was very important because he was now part of this loving family.

They even showed him how to use the litter tray, being a stray he had probably never used one before.

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