Grandmother Reunites with Her Cat That Had Been Missing For Four Years

An elderly woman living in Italy lost her home and her cat in an earthquake a few years ago. Until recently, the elderly widow had been unable to locate her cat in the middle of the devastation produced by the awful catastrophe. Dora, who never stopped searching for her beloved pet, has been reunited with her missing cat after 4 years.

Dora’s buddy Mimma Bei posted on her social media:

“Our lovely Dora has never stopped seeking for him; who knows where he’s gone for so long?”

Dora lost her pet in the midst of the earthquake’s chaos, which was upsetting for her because she thought she would never see him again.

For this woman, her pet is a member of her family and has provided her with affection for many years.

Dora couldn’t believe it when her cat returned home after four years. The small kid continued to hug his human, both of them relieved to be together again.

The cat appeared to be in good health; no one knows where it was during its four-year journey, but it appears that it ate well during its four-year adventure.

It was a great encounter full of affection, and we are confident that they will regain those lost years and never be parted again.

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