The Kitten Approaches The Woman In Her Yard And Insists On Standing Next To Her

Recently, a family in San Jose, California, found a hissy, obviously wild kitten in their yard.
They discovered the small tabby had an eye infection and required emergency medical assistance after taking a closer look.

The good news was that their children were the founders of Mini Cat Town, a local cat sanctuary, so plans were made to transport the disgruntled feline.

“At one glance, our mother put him inside, put a toy on him and wrapped him in a soft blanket. By the time we got home, she had already named the kitten Lucky.”

The kitten needed time to adjust to her new circumstances, so it took about a week to find comfort in her new home. Every time someone approached her, she whistled. As a result, soft toys were brought in to make her feel more relaxed.

“We treated her for an eye infection that was quite severe. Because the initial round of medication did not work, we had to change her eye treatment before she started to feel better.”

“We socialized her by brushing her with a toothbrush and talking to her. “We observed as she gradually emerged from her shell,” Tram said. “She grew sociable, pleasant, and purred when we caressed her fairly fast, though she still hissed if we approached her too rapidly.”

Even the neighborhood dog pitched in to assist Lucky go from hisses to purrs. Lucky nestled into her fur and fell asleep peacefully, purring nonstop.

Her hissing soon faded away, and her kittenish traits came to the fore.

“She stopped hissing and started purring and getting lots of head scratches.”

“She comes from a wonderful family with a mother, father, two human sisters, and three kitty siblings,” Tram said.

“We had a virtual adoption meeting with them, and they let us meet the entire team, including their resident cats, gave us a tour of the house, and showed us where Lucky would be residing to adjust to her new home.”

She is now enjoying the life of her dreams, thanks to her lucky name and lucky temperament.

“We, as well as our mother, who looked after Lucky, will mourn her terribly.”

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