They Were Forced To Live In Difficult Conditions After Being Abandoned In Their Flat

A feline family is left to fend for themselves after their family moves to another province. Thankfully, the mother and her kittens were discovered and their suffering was shared on social media, where it was discovered by Mellissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue in Ontario, Canada.

She volunteered to take in the impoverished family right away.

“After moving to a distant province, their relatives abandoned them in that squalid living situation. Mellissa stated, “Luna (the cat mom) and her pups were left to fend for themselves.”

Moon, Luna, returned to tending to the needs of her children after that was completed.

Despite her ordeals, she still has faith in mankind, and she is gentle and loving with everyone she encounters.

“Luna is without a doubt the loveliest cat I’ve ever rescued. She’s a really gregarious and loving person. “They simply deserve so much better than (the environment from which they came),” she says, “because she truly loves everyone and everything.” Mellissa shared her story with the Kitten Cat Post.

Luna will calmly wait until Mellissa finishes her job in Luna’s room before approaching her and asking for attention.

“She wants to be with me all of the time.” She is completely enamored with me. I’m wondering whether she was neglected at her prior residence because she can’t seem to get enough.”

Despite her need for a lot of attention, she has no qualms about lavishing it on her children. Her kittens get frequent washes from head to tail, and she is a wonderful mother.

Luna’s four babies were soon thriving in their new environment, achieving and surpassing milestone after milestone.

It wasn’t long until they were eating by themselves from a dish!

Lainey is the most outspoken and sassy of the group. She is very adamant about using the big cat litter box rather than the kitten litter box since it is easier to get into.

“She’s lots of activity and bounces about the kitten area.”

“Luna met Leia, my resident cat. Mellissa described her as “very joyful,” adding.
“Luna’s kittens are just as extroverted as she is. They’re all on my lap the moment I sit down in the room!”

Luna has more time to herself now that the kittens are out and about more.

She expects a lot of attention from Melissa, as she should.

“Whoever is chosen to adopt her will be really fortunate!”

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