Meet Monty The Cute Cat With An Odd Face

Monty is a cat with a peculiar mug. He shares his Copenhagen home with two other feline companions. Monty’s face is distinctive since he was born without a nasal bridge bone owing to a genetic issue.

Although his oddity makes him appear attractive, his nose causes respiratory problems, and he sneezes more than regular cats. Monty, on the other hand, is still the ideal family cat for his owner since he is such a cuddly furball.

When they got him from an animal shelter at the age of three, they noted that it was his unusual lovely face and quiet attitude that made them fall in love with him.

“A year ago, we adopted a little 3-year-old Monty boy from an animal shelter.”

“Monty was born without a nasal bridge, which causes him to sneeze every now and again.”

But that doesn’t matter since “his personality, which he showed from the start, is as rare as a diamond!”

“Monty shared a room with some of the other cats from the animal shelter [that] acted a little aggressive, [but] Monty [remained] uneager to pick a fight.”

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