The Multicolored Cat Is Happy To Have Found A Family To Help Her With Her Perhaps Homeless Babies

A stray cat carrying six children was recently found in South Los Angeles. The kittens were just two days old at the time, and they required guardians. Jen Marder, a Wrenn Rescues volunteer, took them to her house.

The mother cat proved to be fully docile in her new home. “As soon as I took her out of the container, she started affectionately fondling me.” “Being a talker, she made it apparent that she needed attention and snuggled up in my arms, purring,” Jen adds.

The family was provided with a comfortable nest, cozy and safe – just right for caring for newborns. While the hungry kittens drank their mother’s milk, she blissfully trampled her new bed with her paws.

When Jen entered the room, the mother cat (called Cleopatra or Klepa) fawned over her. Jen recalls, “She yearned to sit on warm laps and receive all the caresses and love.”

Klepa drew attention to herself by rubbing against Jen’s hands when she came to care for the kittens. But, no matter how nice a cat is to humans, her biggest virtue was that she was a fantastic mother.

She ran to her kittens at their first call and kept her eyes on them until Jen came into the room to remind the heroine’s mother to eat and take a break.

“She is quite petite, I can’t even believe that she feeds six hungry mouths, and all her kittens are growing as they should. With children, she is very sweet, joyfully fulfills her duties, and does not single out anyone.

Klepa chirps with kittens and meows with people. Everyone who asks for care and love from her receives it. By the way, the tricolor beauty also has a magnificent fluffy tail.

As soon as the kittens were weaned from the breast and learned to play, Klyopa slowed down her motherhood and began to spend more time with people.

“She was a wonderful mother, raising the babies well, but now that they are six weeks old, she is eager to start her own family and be the focus of someone’s home universe,” Jen explains.

The former tramp is ready to go on to the next chapter of his life. She only wants to crawl into her arms and wrap up in a human hug.

“Her kittens are equally playful and cuddly.” “Just wait two minutes if they get unruly, and they’ll climb onto your lap and fall asleep happily,” Jen says.

“Klepa is a total diva. She climbs into my lap and requests that I pet her. Jen recalls, “When I feed her, she licks my hand and brushes against my leg.”

Someone will receive a beautiful cat when the kittens stop requiring her and someone adopts her in permanently.”

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