sweet hawaiian crockpot

Servings: 4
Unleash a wave of tropical flavors with this delightful Sweet Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken recipe. Featuring succulent chicken thighs and a colorful medley of bell peppers, all slowly simmered in a sweet and savory caramel sauce created from brown sugar and pineapple juice. The dish is then served alongside fluffy rice, making for a heartwarming family meal.
The sweet and tangy Hawaiian style crockpot chicken is an ideal combination of savory elements with a touch of sweetness. A delectable pineapple-infused glaze envelopes the tender chicken, perfectly complementing the dish when paired with rice. The vivid tropical flavors transport you to the exotic locales of Hawaii, where every dish is a unique gastronomic adventure.

2 lb. (.9kg) chicken tenderloin chunks

1 cup pineapple juice

1 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup soy sauce


Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 8 hours

Ready In: 8 hours 5 minutes

Combine the chicken tenderloin chunks, pineapple juice, brown sugar, and soy sauce in your crockpot.

Set the crockpot on a low setting and let it cook for 6 to 8 hours.

Credit: Home Remedies Easy

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