A woman had shared on Reddit that her stepdaughter had asked her to get an abortion, when she revealed that she is pregnant. And her husband had agreed with his daughter. She had stated that her MIL is filling the children with hatred against her.

She had stated that, “My husband and I have been together for 14 years. He’s 9 years older than me and has two kids from his first marriage, 23 and 20. Despite wanting it, I’ve never been able to carry a baby to term. 1 miscarriage several year ago, near the beginning of our marriage, and nothing since. No rhyme or reason for it, and my husband and I have come to terms with the fact that we won’t add to the family. I was sad but it is but things have been tough financially the last few years, so I consoled myself that it’s for the best.”
Then she said, “Until, SURPRISE – the week before my 35th birthday, I realize my period is late. I get a positive test and I’m honestly over the moon, if you’ll excuse the cliche. My husband is excited but wants us to wait to tell the family, which I agree with. I know the statistics and I don’t want to have to be fielding constant questions if I miscarry.”

She had stated that her MIL is creating hateful environment for the children, against her. “Both of my stepkids are what you might call “failure to launch.” Neither have went to college and seem happy living at home or with my MIL, who’s much more permissive than I am. My drama with my MIL could fill a whole r/JustNoMIL database but I won’t focus on that other than to say that when I first became engaged to my now-husband, I made it clear that I loved the kids and wanted to be a good mom. In retaliation to the first (and only) time my stepson called me “mom,” MIL ignited a campaign of terror against me, using the kids as a weapon.”
“So here I am, pregnant, happy, and planning a new piece to our life that I hadn’t dared to hope for in 5 or 6 years. I let myself dream a little and go to a baby store where I cry a little bit and end up buying a soft gray blanket and a tiny pair of shoes.”

Then one day, her stepdaughter had found the babyshoes in her bag, and asked that if she is pregnant. And she was not happy with the situation, as she felt. “Later that same day, I had to unexpectedly pick my stepdaughter up from work. Cool, fine, no big deal. I stopped to get gas and when I come back out, she’s giving me the weirdest look. “So…are you like…pregnant or something?” She dug into the bag when I was out of the car. I could’ve lied easily and said it was for a friend, but why would I want to lie about it? I asked her if she could keep a secret, she promised she could, and I confirmed.”
“Needless to say, it wasn’t the happiest of responses. She just said, “Oh. Wow. That’s, uh, weird,” and was quiet the rest of the ride home. To say I was a bit deflated was an understatement but SHE doesn’t necessarily have to be happy about it. Me and my husband still can be, all on our own. Even if nobody else celebrates, WE can.”

Then her stepson, had showed her the talk they had with his sister, about how disgusting that she was pregnant. “A few days later and everything else is going along just fine. I’m counting down the days until the ultrasound, everything seems good…until my stepson decides to show me a chat between him and my stepdaughter where she was talking about how gross it is that I’m pregnant, it’s embarrassing, everybody’s going to assume it’s actually her kid when we’re out together (??) and just general…not very nice things.”
When her stepdaughter had came back to the house, she wanted to talk with her about the baby, that was going to be their siblings. As she had refused to talk, she said in the end, as she wrote, “YOU SHOULD JUST GET AN ABORTION BECAUSE THIS WHOLE THING IS F***ING WEIRD.”
As she was shocked, she went up to the bedroom, and cried. Her husband came, as she had thought that he would comfort her, but he said, “Maybe we should consider it.”

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