Despite earning millions, Terry Bradshaw has never allowed fame to change who he is.

Even now, many people still like Terry Bradshaw, one of the best quarterbacks in history, for everything that he contributed to the game of football. Bradshaw is a very modest man with a pure heart, despite his fame.

He was raised by morally upright parents and was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1948. He developed a keen interest in football at a young age.

“All you heard from that kid was football, football, and more football. I mean from the ground up. That was all he ever did.” In 1989, his mother Novis stated, “He had a football in his hand.”

“He was never given anything, ever.” He had to work, which he did with a firm determination that “I’m going to do it.” because he was so desperate for it.

Soon after he enrolled at Woodlawn High School, his talent as a player was widely known. He rose to the position of team captain for the Woodlawn Knights football team, finishing the year with 22 touchdown passes.

“You need to realize that I’m a momma’s boy now. I’m a southerner. My upbringing was completely different from life in a big city.” In an interview, Bradshaw said, “I was truly a country lad.”

Former Cowboys linebacker Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson famously joked of Bradshaw, “Bradshaw’s so dumb he couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the ‘c’ and the ‘t.’”

“I was just a regular Southern kid, you know. In spite of the fact that I was a lovely man, I had a lot of interceptions during my rookie season.” And one of the men responded, “Well, he can’t read defenses, therefore he must be stupid,”

Bradshaw said to Scott Ross in the NFL Sunday program on the Fox network, “But at the same time, when we did start winning, Scott, I never allowed myself to be accepted because I remember how horrible it was for five years.

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